A married couple raising two daughters find themselves in a mid life crisis where grief and attraction threaten their domestic nucleus.
Set exclusively in a Laundromat, Cycles, is simply, one day in the life of this Laundromat from its opening to its closing. Characters come and go throughout this day, sharing time and then heading back to their lives, traveling on in anonymity.

The day begins with our "Girl" character, waiting for the Laundromat to open. Once inside, a startling event occurs that shakes up her routine and alters the entire course of her day.

Shot entirely in one location, Cycles, is a character driven piece with a "sweat sock" at the center. The handling and mishandling of this sock is our invitation into the lives of the characters that enter, allowing us just a glimpse on this seemingly ordinary yet quite extraordinary day.
soft place
A short film about two women who find themselves in a sticky situation.

Runs 9:40
When a young cosmetology student forgets her cell phone in class, she races to school at night to retrieve it and makes a surprising connection.
hope & possibility
Hope & Possibility follows a group of pediatric amputee athletes who challenge themselves far beyond their disability. Led by their amputee mentor these kids dance and ski, ride bikes and run triathlons refusing to let their disability define who they are and what is possible.