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My Really Cool Legs
My Really Cool Legs! follows a team of pediatric amputees who refuse to let their disability define who they are and what is possible. With a beautiful score by two-time Emmy Award winning composer, Charles Denler, My Really Cool Legs! is an inspirational film that will leave you cheering for an amazing group of children!

My Really Cool Legs! Was acquired by Breakthrough Entertainment for Worldwide distribution.

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When a young cosmetology student forgets her cell phone in class, she races to school at night to retrieve it and makes a surprising connection.

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soft place
A short film about two women who find themselves in a sticky situation.

Runs 9:40

Now on DVD Part of a short collection "Here Come the Girls" featuring some of the best lesbian short films from around the world.

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Set exclusively in a Laundromat, Cycles, is simply, one day in the life of this Laundromat from its opening to its closing. Characters come and go throughout this day, sharing time and then heading back to their lives, traveling on in anonymity.

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